The welding process is the process of fusing two or more materials with the effect of heat and/or pressure, with or without additional materials. In addition to the fusing process, the welding process is used in coating and filling operations. Today, many different methods of welding are available. It is a kind of process that is used extensively in the industry.

Welding fabrication is indicated as a special process in international standards.

For this reason, international standards are set to guarantee and rank the quality level in welding fabrication.

Our welding fabrication department provides the services of inert-gas and argon arc welding fabrication projects in an area of 1850 m2. In this section, after the welding process of the products is finished; cleaning, sandblasting and pre-coating preparation procedures are prepared by our well-experienced quality control team through a one hundred percent quality inspection method. We are planning to serve faster in mass manufacturing of parts with the completion of our robot investments in 2020. We keep our services going to improve our manufacturing field as a company for achieving the full meaning of occupational safety requirements and employee health.

With its ISO 3834-2/EN 1090-1/EN 1090-2 Welding Fabrication Quality Management Systems and Certifications, our company providing welding fabrication has carried its welding quality to a top-level notably. Apart from the audit of such standards; having special process audits performed in our company, a roadmap is presented along with the current status of the welding fabrication processes of our company and the parts needed to be improved, and all are analyzed within such report. Today, every customer requiring welding through their fabrication prefers to work with manufacturers who meet the requirements of this standard at its finest.