We increase the competence, participation, and satisfaction of our employees day by day in line with our strategy to manage the human resources process effectively.

Gera's human resources policy aims to build a corporate culture; which is fair, transparent, and gives a voice to its employees, where employees have opportunities to demonstrate their true potential, each employee contributes to the future of Gera by adding value and in return, see the same respect and value, of high performance and development-orientation principles, being strong and unshakeable in all fields and effective in leadership, reflecting the spirit of Gera and a labor force; which is highly committed, joyful, efficient, successful and healthy.

Gera on this path adopts and develops fair, transparent, and integrated applications towards global human resources trends as in 3 main topics to attract, develop, and maintain the most valuable talents. In this way, it aims to move forward with fast steps towards becoming the preferred employer and being the best and most desirable workplace. Human resources in Gera adopts a management understanding of working with all units through a strategic business partner approach, analyzing company and employee needs constantly, adding value, and adapting rapidly to changing conditions.

While the competencies of;

Focusing on the needs and expectations of customers and all stakeholders,

Valuing different opinions and giving weight to broad participation in decision making phases,

Being the pioneer of innovation,

Being not afraid of making mistakes, seeing it as a development opportunity and taking lessons out of them,

and which “Keeps the Values Alive” and “Constitutes Leadership” are all adopted by Gera employees, “Performance Developing Competencies” are constituted in accordance with the company’s own strategies and taking into account the dynamics and needs.