Gera Makina offers unique products that are specific for domestic and foreign industry through its wide range of experience and expertise of over 25 years that it uses through all the processes starting even from the designing phase to final product along with its wide range of machining center variety. In our machining center, we manufacture with machinery and equipment of cutting-edge technology and our well-experienced team.

Machining; is the process of cutting a designed workpiece into a desired geometrical shape by the removal of materials of different shapes and sizes from the workpiece based on the reference of the technical drawing projected in accordance with the standard.

This material removal process should be performed with the appropriate cutting tools and machining centers.

This manufacturing process, performed by having the relative motion of the cutting tools used in machining and/or the workpiece aligned to each other, and subsequently, to remove the chip over the work piece through the stress generated between the workpiece and the cutting tool, has many different types of machining processes.

Turning, milling, planing, shaping, grinding, honing are the key main topics of machining.

In the machining process, when the cutting tool is pressed against the workpiece with a certain force and pressed in the direction of such force, the flow of stress starts after elastic and plastic deformations in the material.

As soon as the stress generated between the workpiece and the cutting tool passes the breaking boundary of the material, a certain surface layer, called a chip or unwanted material, is separated from the workpiece.

Factors affecting the machining are;

  • Cutting tool life

  • Cutting speed

  • The thickness of the chip

  • Depth of cut

  • Rake angles

  • Vibration

  • Coolant

  • Tool/ workpiece material

  • The radius of the cutting edge of the tool